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The Historic Pianos website is a work in progress, and this page is a short description of planned additions in the near future.

Piano History: A brief history of the technical development of the piano, to provide background and context for the unique historical instruments restored by Historic Pianos.

Instrument Design: A comparison of pianos of different designs and with different technologies, such as squares, grands, uprights, and the key enabling technologies that make these designs work.

Restoration: The process of restoration, including technical details such as scale selection, whether components should be replaced or repaired, and the materials and tools used in restoration

Players and Reproducing Pianos: Information on player and reproducing pianos, a specialty of Historic Pianos

Tuning and Regulation: An explanation of tuning and particularly of regulation, perhaps the most frequently neglected aspect of historic piano maintenance that can make a large difference in how well an instrument plays.

Links and References: A listing of information resources and websites on historic pianos.

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